János Kulka, József Szarvas, László Helyey, Judit Schell (with a septet of instruments) Stravinsky - Ramuz: The Soldier's Tale (in Hungarian)

BMCCD041 2000

Theatrical work by four actors, accompanied by a septet of instruments 
In Hungarian!

The Soldier's Tale, of epoch-marking importance in the history of music theatre, is rendered in Hungarian for the first time on this CD. The new translation is the work of Janos Lackfi, the stage version was directed by Tamas Ascher. The cast is as follows: Narrator - János Kulka, Soldier - József Szarvas, Devil - Lászlo Helyey, Princess - Judit Schell. The participating musicians were chosen from among the most prominent Hungarian instrumental soloists.


Narrator - János Kulka 
Soldier - József Szarvas 
Devil - László Helyey 
Princess - Judit Schell 

Lajos Rozmán - clarinet
Tamás Benkócs - bassoon
Tamás Velenczei - trumpet
Jenő Kácsik - trombone(1-7)
Ferenc Kócziás - trombone(8-17)
Zoltán Rácz - percussion
Juniku Spartakus - violin
Vilmos Buza - double bass

About the album

Translated by János Lackfi 
Directed by Tamás Ascher 
Conductor: András Wilheim 
Music recording: Matáv Zeneház
Sound engineer: Ferenc Pécsi 
Editing: János Bojti 
Artistic director: András Wilheim 

Text recording: ZA-KI Stúdió, Budapest
Engineer: Sándor Csaba

Mixing, final editing, mastering: István Zakariás 
Publisher: Chester Music (CH 55726) © 1987, 1992

Producer: László Gőz 

The recording was supported by GTS


Retkes Attila - Magyar Hírlap (hu)

Halász Péter - Élet és Irodalom (hu)

Csont András - Magyar Narancs (hu)

Kerényi Mária - Magyar Nemzet (hu)

Cs.K. - Muzsika (hu)

3500 HUF 11 EUR

Igor Stravinsky - Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz: L'Histoire du soldat (The Soldier's Tale) – Part I.

01 Marche du soldat 2:41
02 Petits airs au bord du ruisseau 6:32
03 Marche du soldat (reprise) 4:30
04 Pastorale 4:43
05 Pastorale (fin) 7:48
06 Petits airs au bord du ruisseau (reprise) 0:55

Igor Stravinsky - Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz: L'Histoire du soldat (The Soldier's Tale) – Part II.

07 Marche du soldat (reprise) 3:58
08 Marche royale 7:53
09 Petit concert 3:15
10 Trois danses: 1. Tango 2:05
11 Trois danses: 2. Valse 1:52
12 Trois danses: 3. Ragtime 2:24
13 Danse du diable 1:29
14 Petit choral 0:44
15 Couplets du diable 0:47
16 Grand choral 4:57
17 Marche triomphale du diable 2:22
Total time 58:55

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