Lux Nox S(M)S

BMCCD081 2002

The four members of this musician/composer ensemble create wholly improvised music, stepping over all previously known experiences and effects. Their music is not a communion between jazz, contemporary music, electro-acoustic techniques, or musical theatre, but rather a rebirth of these. Their exquisitely original and sensual music is born in a fraction of a second in the flow of time. This is music that lives in extremes: it combines flowing richness with fleeting sighs, the poetry of wide sound spaces with sound-lace sewn on the borders of silence, and speaks the language of mutual trust. Sometimes it erupts suddenly, then it is densely woven, incorporating the attention of the listener with its pulse. For this to come about we must join with the web of mutual attention which connects the players and must get to know the richness of their sound palette, the mixture of traditional instruments with voice, analogue and digital synthesisers, flowing in and out of one another, sometimes difficult to differentiate. We must listen and pay attention with the same kind of concentration and depth as a native in the jungle listening to the sounds of wild beasts in fear for his life.


György Kurtág Jr. - digital synthetizers
Chris Martineau - viola, voice
Isabelle Cirla - bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
Roland Ossart - melisson (analog modular synthetizer - custom made)

About the album

Recorded by Christophe Poulin, Toulouse, July 2002
Mixed and mastered by Péter Dorozsmai at Tom-Tom Studio, Budapest

Cover art by Meral Yasar based on photos by Judit Kurtág
Design: Meral Yasar
Architect: Bachman

Produced by László Gőz

The recording was sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

3500 HUF 11 EUR

Lux Nox: S(M)S

01 Getting started 3:35
02 Calls 9:05
03 Call memory 3:55
04 Languages 10:11
05 Icons, sounds, smileys 2:49
06 Messages 6:37
07 Setup 5:48
08 Alarms 4:49
09 FAQ 3:06
10 Off-peak hours 2:42
11 Warranty 9:42
Total time 62:19

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