ESP Group Colours

BMCCD033 1999

As contemporary jazz music, the modern jazz sound expected by the public does not coincide with the sound associated with the trombone, the greatest challenge for us was to find a way in which the trombone could take a leading part, and accomplish this not with technical bravuras, but with the diversity of its timbre - its warm and cold tones. The 'instrument' is given - but the music must go beyond it.

László Gőz


László Gőz - trombone, fujara
Péter Erdélyi - keyboards, acoustic piano, sequencer programming
László Studniczky "Zsatyi" - bass
Lajos Gyenge - drums

Zoltán Lantos - violin
Eszter Váczi - vocal
Mirtill Micheller - vocal

About the album

All compositions by Péter Erdélyi
Recorded and mixed at the Tom-Tom Studio, Budapest
Sound engineer: László Reményi

Design: ArtHiTech

Produced by László Gőz

The recording was sponsored by Compaq.


Michael G. Nastos - (en)

Friedrich Károly - Gramofon ***** (hu)

3500 HUF 11 EUR

ESP Group: Colours

01 Midnight blue 5:45
02 Lilac 5:31
03 Coal black 6:57
04 Ruby red 4:42
05 Lemon yellow 5:23
06 Russet brown 7:18
07 Snow white 7:13
08 Emerald green 6:41
09 Steel grey 3:40
Total time 53:10

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