Béla Faragó
Dustball Songs and Dances
BMC CD 258
This CD contains a selection of works including the human voice from the period 1986–2009, almost 25...
Masecki & Rogiewicz
BMC CD 256
When I first heard Marcin Masecki playing live a bunch of old James P. Johnson rags in late 2016, I was...
Gadó - Blondiau
Veil and Quintessence
BMC CD 255
In the quasi penumbra of some years without releases, Gábor Gadó has been working on an intense deepening of his...
Szandai - Lévy - Lukács
Bartók Impressions
BMC CD 254
The music of Béla Bartók is contemporary music – contemporary to us. This is the claim of three young men...